Champagne coupes

Assorted champagne saucers & champagne coupes for hire - Betty May Vintage Hire

Whether your celebrating at home or toasting your wedding, pop the bubbles and serve generously with our champagne coupes for hire. Available in a mix of sizes and styles, we’ve got the plainer style Marie Antoinette coupes; the very glam harlequin coupes; elegant diamond cut glass and crystal; antique etched; and hollow stemmed coupes from the 1960s. If you’re tired of boring glassware for hire and you’re looking for something unseen and unexpected, this is an easy way to add a layer of vintage to your tables and bar. Ask us for more photos of the different and styles, as well as checking out our Instagram page. Your order will come as an assortment from our range. Handwash only.


$2.00 each (400 available – bulk rates when 100+ hired) 
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