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Our story – Who we are

We are curators of vintage details for life’s favourite moments.

Hunters and collectors of vintage treasures rebooted to create a new story with heart.

Believers in steadfast love, family, good times and the offbeat.

We’re for the originals. Inventive, carefree and lighthearted.

Share. Respect. Encourage. Be worthy of each other.

No one likes housework – so do it together.

Make the most of love. Take time. For each other.

Take freedom. Do things your way.


What we do

  • heart
    Carefully curated vintage collection for hire that won’t break your bank.
  • compass
    Based in Melbourne servicing Melbourne, Yarra Valley, Bendigo, Ballarat, Geelong & Gippsland direct to brides/party planners and stylists/florists/caterers.
  • truck
    Collect or request a delivery/pick up service for a few bucks.
  • calendar
    Generous four-day hire. So you have time to set-up and pack-down.
  • spyglassLook before you hire. Just arrange a time.
  • soapNo one likes washing up after a party. So we take care of it for you.
  • moneyFlexible payment options. Cash, EFT or PayPal with your credit or debit card.



So just who is Betty May?

Betty, Erin & Jennie

We love mismatched craziness. A deliciously offbeat wedding. Celebrations that dare to mix up eras and styles to tell their story.

We’re curators of one of a kind vintage pieces for life’s favourite moments – big and small, near and far.

We eschew trends and the idea that vintage is one of them. It’s not. It’s an enduring style that brings a whole lotta heart and evokes unforgettable excitement for the senses.

And Betty May Vintage Hire is our contribution to living a sustainable life by encouraging people to value old things. Let’s hire and recycle – not add to landfill.

We’re here for the originals, inventive and light-hearted, and we’re big believers that you find your style, you find your voice.

So use your voice. Tell your story. Take freedom and do your celebration your way.

But this still doesn’t explain the name – Betty May.

Betty May is the most amazing woman we have ever met. She’s our mother and grandmother. Betty May’s own eclectic tastes, English china collection, baking and tea drinking ways have had an enormous influence on who we are and our style and tastes.

We love her to bits and this is our way of paying homage to the most important person in our lives.

Jennie & Erin xo

Jennie is a seasoned small business owner. She’s owned a record store, a boutique hotel and restaurant that hosted plenty of weddings and garden parties, a gardening business and, has worked for some big retail brands.
Erin is a marketeer and started her career in event management. She got her Business Marketing degree at RMIT and also works with a leading home builder.